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Ken D'Arcy
Ken D'Arcy became President and CEO of Crosman Corporation in August of 2001. In that continuing capacity, he directs all aspects of Crosman's worldwide operations.

He is a 35-year veteran of the sporting goods industry, including senior executive positions in the ski, tennis, and sports eyewear industries.

Ken is a competitive shooter, golfer, motorcyclist, and scuba diver. He has skied, played tennis, football, and trained as a pilot. But his real passion is creating esprit de corps.

His management style has a lot to do with his experience as a professional football player in Canada.

During those years, he learned that "the team" wins games. Star players score touchdowns, but it's "the team" that is the ultimate victor.

If Ken has a favorite motto in business, it comes from the gridiron: "Best players play, period." His management style is direct and to the point. There's never a doubt about how he sees things. And he leads by example.

For instance, when he discovered that some of his staff hadn't shot the new models, he had them all shoot a "turkey" target before receiving their annual Thanksgiving turkey.

You'll find Ken walking the halls and the factory floor, dropping in on his team's meetings on a daily basis. Needless to say, he is involved in every aspect of Crosman's product development, production and marketing, and is an excellent advocate for airgunning.

In addition to hosting the annual Northeast Regional Field Target Championship at the Crosman campus in Bloomfield, NY, and other shooting events around the country, in 2004, Ken established the annual Crosman Friend of Youth Shooting Award, "recognizing an individual whose commitment to excellence in youth shooter education and dedication to a lifetime of safe shooting has enhanced the future of the sport."

It is delivered at the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The prestigious award and its well-known winners underscore Ken's and the company's support for the next generation of participants in shooting. As Ken has often said, "The youth represent the future of the sport."

Prior to joining Crosman, Ken was General Manager of Bolle North America and President of Bolle Europe. Before joining Bolle, Ken served as President of Scott Canada. Prior to his tenure with Scott Canada, he was Vice President Marketing of Blizzard North America. Previously, Ken was President and Director of Canadian Operations for AMF Canada. He also served as Vice President of Marketing for RSL Sports Equipment. The current President and CEO of Crosman Corporation began his career in sporting goods in Canada as a Territory Sales Manager of Harvey Dodds Ltd.

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